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The Various Photos  of Darjeeling, Dooars and Gangtok                     copy right reserved.



Newly born twin calves at Sankhani T.E. Dooars


 The trucks are at the bank of river Tista to collect sands for constrution of building near coronation bridge at 31 A national highwaa.

The baby pigs are for sale in the village, two persons driving them down the hill at a village of Darjeeling.


The season for tea leaf  plucking, the tea workers carrying green tea leaves at Peshok T.E.

The money on the side of national highway in the share hope of getting some eatables from the passengers, this time they managed to get bananas.



A  man is hanging on back of a vehicle down the hill at Peshok, Darjeeling, a risky journey.



Sikkim news darjeeling news Gurkhas news Home