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The Various Photos  Taken at Lall Market, Gangtok by B.Bantawa at the time of Laxmi Puja or Deepawali festival 2006


The photos of Lall Market During

 Deepawali or the day of Laxmi Puja

- This time although local mari gold of Saipatri flowers were not in abundant, Makhamali few other local flowers were in the market.

The small size marigold from out side the state was

in abundant, supply was high but demand was not so high as expected by the traders.

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  The lady above is in flower business at Lall Market since many years.   Copy right reserved for all the photos by  

The people and girls like to buy local saipatri flower.


 Local Saipartri flower is this time not in abundant and flowering is also not healthy, however people love to buy it as their sentiment is attached to it.


Red and yellow local marigold or local saipatri at Lall Market.



Wow! This is real Deepawali market.

The local flower Chiticyangay or Cellosia(coxcomb), makhamali, saipatri and others.


Flower and vegetable selling at a time


She strongly believes that local flower has a great scope in the market



.Age does not make different, an old Nepali man selling his products in the market and others are selling flowers in the row.


Vegitable like local Nakima, Iskus, bean, Sag, quali or kovi and eggs for sale.

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