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Maghey Sankrati-Nepali festival of Tarul or Bulbous root and holy bathing .Maghey Sankrati is one of the religious festival of Nepali community. The day is auspicious for holy bathing since it is considered that all the sins or diseases of body will be removed by the blessing of Sun God.

  The sun moves towards Northern pole and this is the auspicious time for the soul who can take journey to heaven for being liberated.The various photos taken at Lall Market on the eve of the Maghey Sankrati on January 14, 2007: such scene can be had only once in a year


A woman from nearby village selling Simal Tarul and Kusumey Tarul or bulbous root

Nepali Sel Roti or circle baked bread and Murai for sale at Lall Market

An old lady selling local orange



Sakarkhanda, Piralu, Tarul displayed at Lall Market for selling


   A full basket(doko) of bulbous root or Iskusko jara


  More and more Tarul for sale