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GTA is about Darjeeling Hills only while Gorkhaland is a national issue.-AAGSU

Guwahati, 23rd July 2011:(Kamal Pradhan) The central core steering committee of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) apex students’ and youths’ organization of Gorkhas of Assam has decided to inform the nation that formation Gorkha Territorial Administration(GTA) has no connection to the Gorkhas of Assam and Northeast and it is merely about road, water, education, safety, socio-poltical and economic development of Darjeeling. The agreement nowhere mentions anything about Gorkhas of nation besides Darjeeling hills even 40% of the national Gorkha population who resides in Assam and Northeast does not find a  place in it and  have been left-out which is matter for huge displeasure for supporting the Gorkhaland movement from these region and we donot refrain from condemning the act of keeping us in total darkness on clauses of GTA while the leaders of Gorkha JanMukti Morcha (GJM) have been promising of packages and Special Protected Class (SPC) for the Gorkhas of Northeast region.  AAGSU is of the opinion that Gorkhaland is not about Darjeeling Hills only, it is about identity and ethnicity of the Gorkhas of this nation. It is not only about the piece of land in the North Bengal region but about emotional and political identity amongst population of the nation. We condemn the activities of leaders of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Northeast Co-ordination Committee who promised the people of NE region of SPC and special grants and reservations and are silent today at the signing of GTA agreement by their central leaders where the word Northeast does not find a place even. GTA agreement totally fails to meet the hopes and aspirations of Gorkhaland and Gorkhas of the nation but in context of Darjeeling, we welcome it. GTA is nowhere near powerful to the Bodoland Terretorial Council or other autonomous councils of Northeastern region so this could just be eyewash comparatively. Neither the ST statuses of some tribes of Gorkhas have been recognized nor any territory for administration is decided, on the other hand Dooars and parts of Siliguri being leftout indicate that GTA is just renewal of existing DGHAC.

“The Gorkha Territorial Administration agreement in itself is a milestone for the development of Darjeeling district of West Bengal and it particularly benefits the population of three subdivisions of the dist, but the incomplete work of ensuring the national identity of Gorkhas across India must continue with bigger mandate by one nationally present organization. We welcome the renewal of development process in Darjeeling dist. Initiated by the West Bengal government Mamta Banerjee and approved by Union Home ministry that shall empower administrators of Darjeeling is not the result of the Gorkhaland movement but central and state governments policy to suppress the nationwide hopes and aspiration of Gorkhaland. The work to concretise national identity for Gorkhas must go on and it will continue and AAGSU will also contribute in every way possible in this struggle for the Gorkha national identity”, said Nanda Kirati Dewan, Information and Publicity Secretary of AAGSU while interacting with mediapersons at Gorkha Thakurbari who have been seeking AAGSU’s stand on GTA.

He made it loud and clear that leaders of GJM Northeast Co-ordination committee have been campaigning for Special Protected Class for Gorkhas of the region which AAGSU had dropped  dissolution of Special Protected Class Demand Committee in a highly empowered delegates session and demanded the formation of legislative decision empowered Gorkha Autonomous Council(GAC) within the geographical territory of Assam on satellite basis  and formed Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC) in 2003 and have been carrying out the movement relentlessly and as and when required have been a part of Gorkhaland movement in a national context. Coming down heavily on L N Subba, Chairman of NECC, GJM; ‘’ Shortsighted GJM leader L N Subba and his team has kept quiet now and this has prompted AAGSU to speak on this issue. AAGSU will not tolerate and hit back if our emotions are not respected. In Assam we are committed for a Gorkha Autonomous Council that is being supported Gorkha organization leaders and intellects across Northeast and more than 42 social, democratic and community students’ organization of the state including the umbrella organization United Peoples’ Federation of Assam(UPFA). “, the AAGSU leader decried.

All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union have welcomed the move of Assam Government to upgrade the prestigious and premier Cotton College established in 1901 to Cotton College State University and have appreciated the thinktank process of establishing one university each in Jorhat, Diph and North Lakhimpur. This will definitely facilitate better higher education and benefit the students of the Northeastern states besides Assam.

AAGSU celebrated 35th Foundation Day in Bokajan

 By. Sanjeev Kr. Limboo,

Bokajan (26th Dec). The 35th Foundation Day of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) was celebrated at Hill View English High School Ground, Bokajan in Karbianglong with a daylong colourful program on 26th December 2010 Sunday by the Karbianglong Dist Committee AAGSU in aegis of the Bokajan Regional Committee of AAGSU. The program started off with inauguration of the main gate followed by flag hoisting Nitin Rai President KADC AAGSU, a one minute silence observed to pay our rich tribute all known and unknown martyrs, formal homage to martyrs paid by Suraj Chetry Gen. Secy. KADC AAGSU and Lalit Thapa President of the Reception Commitee at 9 am in the morning. Nanda Kirati Dewan Information and Publicity Secretary; AAGSU while addressing the gathering outlined the history on the birth of AAGSU which orginaly was born in the year 1946 in Sonitpur at Darrang College then undivided Darrang district in active participation of people like Prabhu Maan Karki who had then donated Rs.5000/- cash for establishment of Darrang College by the name ‘Darrang Gorkha Chattra Sangh’  which was renamed as ‘Darrang Nepali Chatra Sangh’ in 1955 similarly Brihhatar Guwahati Nepali Chattra Sangh in early 1960s was also formed. After assimilations on 26th December 1976 of all such units, and district branches it came to be known as ‘All Assam Nepali Students Union (AANSU now AAGSU) till date the All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) covering length and breadth of the state. It may be noted here that AAGSU is the apex body of the Gorkha populace in Assam stretching from Sadiya in the east to Dhunburi in the west.

Ex-Deputy Secy Karbianglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) Mr. C S Teron initiated the mass tree plantation program  for KADC AAGSU to mark the foundation day mass tree plantation  which was called by AAGSU. A colourful cultural rally with more than two thousand participants from all communities of Bokajan region was flagged off from Phoolbari. The rally crossed through CCI, Sukhanjan, Bokajan, Daily Market to Phoolbari covering a distance of 12kms on a marketday. Veteran Cultural activist of the nation Kamal Singh Nepali and Rajib Kro of the famed 200 episode of ‘Kichiri Sangbaad’ aired on North East India’s first satellite channel NETV addressed the participants of the mass cultural colourful rally. Cultural troupes various communities and guests were fed lunch with traditional Gorkha foods like gundruk, sinki, sikuti, selroti, chamrevat, til ko acchar etc. which they enjoyed.

Post lunch the much awaited ‘Open Session’ presided by Nitin Rai, President AAGSU KADC started off by cutting the 35th AAGSU Foundation Day cake by Chief Advisor of AAGSU Dil Bahadur Limboo and dignitaries on the dais followed by his inaugural speech wherein he threw light on birth of AAGSU and to present status of organization which has been marred by breakaway fraction despite a huge credit to the formation of Gorkha Development Council (GDC). He emphasized that unity amongst the students’ community will be his main focus and the process is on and soon this will be in papers and official which the Gorkha populace will embrace.  Veteran literate and President of the Assam Sahitya Sabha Rong Bong Terang the tribal face of Assam who had consented to grace the occasion as ‘Chief Guest’ could not attend due to emergency executive meeting in Guwahati. In his written message to the Gorkha students’ fraternity he expressed his utmost desire to be a part of the mega celebration of an indigenous students’ community of Karbianglong and Assam and nation at large. He categorically recalled the bravery and contributions of the Gorkahs in the process of construction of the composite Assamese Society. Gorkha Development Council (GDC) Chairman Loknath Upadhyay addressed the gathering as stand in ‘Chief Guest’ where in he highlighted the democratic movement undertaken by the members and activists of AAGSU for formation of Gorkha Autonomous Council. He reiterated that the recent formation of Gorkha Development Council (GDC) in Assam of whose he was unanimously elected as ‘Chairman’ was the result of years long agitation undertaken by the students body. He credited AAGSU as the reactionary and driving youthful force of the Gorkhas who has emerged as one of the largest network students’ organization covering 30lakhs Gorkha population of Assam.  

Gorkha leaders of the region Ran Bahadur Rouka Member GDC, Lal Bahadur Pradhan Chairman of the Livestock and Poultry Farm Deptt. KAAC, D R Gurung Gen Secy. GACDC KADC and C S Teron Former Deputy Secy KAAC addressed the gathering. President and Secretaries of all most all community organizations were present in the open session. Thereafter Gorkha autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC); Chairman Harkha Bahadur Chetri in his two hours long key note address spoke at length on all spheres AAGSU’s history, social and political dynamism and vision and appealed womens in particular besides the youth to participate in AAGSU to realize dreams of formation Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) in near future. AAGSU Vice President Birendra Subba and Bhim Bahadur Rai, Info & Publicity Secy Nanda Kirati Dewan were also present in the open session. Sabitri Devi KADC AAGSU Vice President presided the middle part of the meeting. Later in the evening the colourful cultural program was held.

New central committee of AAGSU assumed charge

5th Dec 2010 (Dekhiajuli, Sonitpur):- The new central committee of the influential apex organization of the Gorkhas the All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) that was elected by Special Convention at Amlighat in Morigoan on 2nd October 2010 was accorded charge after being administered oath of office and secrecy by outgoing President Mr. Dil Bahadur Limboo yesterday at ‘Sohmuia Bhawan’ Dekiajuli in Sonitpur.

The ‘Oath Taking’ meeting was presided over by outgoing President Mr. Dil Bahadur Limboo where more than 500 delegates from various districts of Assam attended the mega ceremony. Most of the former Presidents and General Secretaries and office bearer were present. The meeting was attended b the GACDC Chairman Mr. Harkha Bahadur Subba and Secretary General Mr. Dillu Sarmah as observers. Limboo in his presidential address thanked one and all for making him one of most successful President in history of AAGSU and regretted the incident of breakaway fraction AAGSU lead by its expelled former president and advisor of his committee Bhaskar Dahal. He termed himself one of ‘unlucky president’ stating the fact that a group under Bhaskar Dahal who wanted to divide and rule the Gorkha students for poltical benefit had suspended his office of president unconstitutionally however was happy that the Gorkha populace of Assam terminated Bhaskar Dahal; Advisor , Thir Bahadur Newar self claiming President who was the Vice President and General Secy. Tharka Adhikari from primary membership and resolution termed them ‘Traitor’ in Odalgiri Extended Executive Meeting. It may be here noted that it is under Limboo that AAGSU got a tribal and ethnic representation in entire North East and relations with all ethnic and tribal organization North East glorified. Mr. Limboo’s multi dynamic leadership will always be credited with the formation of Gorkha Development Council (GDC) a giant recognition of the Gorkhas of Assam besides a huge list of activities towards Gorkhas development in Assam. Besides the Gorkhas the entire populace of North East will remember Limboo as one of the most gentle social leader in the history of the region. An aggressive speaking humble gentleman will remain idol for generations as he will be leading the organization as ‘Chief Advisor’.

A 21 member central executive committee along with Jagadish Khanal, Nanda Kirati Dewan and Keshav Sharma respectively President, Info&Publicity Secy and Gen Secy took charge after being administered otah of secrecy and office by the Chief Advisor. Following is the list of the office bearers of AAGSU :

Mr. Dil Bahadur Limboo, Chief Advisor- President – Mr. Jagadish Khanal- Vice President - Mr. Bhim Bahadur Rai

Vice President- Mr. Birendra Subba-General Secretary- Mr. Keshav Sharma-Asstt. Gen Secretary. - Miss Geeta Chhetry

Mr. Sontosh Baral, Mr. Meghraaj Upahyay, Info&Publicity Secretary.- Mr. Nanda Kirati Dewan, Organising Secretary. - Mr. Digambar Chetri, Education Secretary.- Mr. Kamal Subba, Cultural Secretary. Mr. Kamal Pradhan (to be inducted and sworn in next Executive Meeting in Guwahati). Chief; Volunteer Cell Mr. Keshav Pandey,Magazine Secretary. Mr. Ram Upadyay

Office Secretary, One female Vice President and Kamal Pradhan representation from Delhi unit will be sworn in as Cultural Secretary in the next central executive meeting in Guwahati on 12th Dec 2010 at its Head Office at Gorkha Thaurbari (Nepali Mandir) in Guwahati. In the same meeting Mr. Padum Boriely and Mr. Ram Chandra Adhikari will take charge of advisors of AAGSU. After taking charge the 1st extended executive meeting was held which was presided by Jagadish Khanal. Later in the evening Nanda Kirati Dewan Info&Publicity Secy. briefed the local media about the meeting. A press conference was scheduled the following day in Tezpur Press Club.

Photo 2. Dil Bahadur Limboo (Ex R) outgoing and one of the most successful President of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) along with General Secretary Ram Chandra Adhikary hands over charge to Jagadish Khanal, Nanda Kirati Dewan and Keshav Sharma respectively President, Info&Publicity Secy and Gen Secy at ‘Sohmuia Bhawan’ at Dekhiajuli in Sonitpur on Sunday:-

Photo 1 and Photo 4. Different iew of the Swearing Ceremony. Photo. 3 (Mourning);- The dias paying their tribute to martyrs souls by observing one minute silence.

Photos from Media Cell, AAGSU

News Reported by Archana Lwhrwng Rai,Dibrugarh, Assam, India.

Minor Nepali Girl Raped Twice, but No Action from Delhi Police So Far???

New Delhi:December 7:( Kamal Pradhan) Rape, violence and other forms of crime has gripped the entire northern belt of India and atrocities towards people of Nepali origin also seems to have no end here.

Very recently there were hordes of media people queuing up to cover the news of a rape of Mizo girl but the plight of a minor Nepali girl seems to have no takers. Leaving the case of Indian Nepali or Gorkha, the Government of  Nepal has been severally failed to protect the citizens withing the country itself, then the question of its citizens outside the country of Nepal is obviously been left unheeded. Equally the blame goes to  the lack and ineffectiveness of Nepali social organizations in India and Nepal  who take little concern about the reported incident too.

It is very disheartening to see that a minor girl has been gang raped twice and still numbness shrouds over, it is only through a few online newspapers that I came to know of the brutal incident and have been requested several social organizations and also at networking sites to highlight the issue.

Alas Gorkha Democratic Front (GDF) Delhi unit - a prominent political party having its base at Uttrakhand and Bharatiya Gorkhali united Forum (BGUF) a social organization of based at Delhi have requested all the Nepali organization and political parties based at Delhi to immediately look into the matter. Today both the organizations, GDF headed by Delhi unit president- Samir Pradhan and BGUF headed by T.L Shrestha placed memorandum to honorable home minister Of India requesting to look into the said incident seriously and also various atrocities meted towards the Gorkhas and northeastern people at Delhi and NCR region.

According to sources she was gang rapped by three men most probably at the mid of October 2010 and again very recently at 24 November, 2010 in the same manner and later threw her in railway tracks. The perverts have even threatened the minor girl to immediately withdraw the case. All the three culprits are employees of Agra central jail and the fate of girl is such that she resides close to Agra central jail and born to a labourer. Last year also a poor Nepali girl was gang raped by autodrivers at Delhi while on her way to airport, such is the state that the perpetrators knowingly do it since they also know that abusing or harassing Nepali people will have no repercussions.

I hope every Indian citizen raises this issue and bring into the notice to the Indian government to stop the brutality against women.

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