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New Update flower of Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya


◙  Flower New1

   Himalayan Orchids

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◙ Sikkim Culture -Unity1

◙  Sikkim Culture- photos

◙  Sikkimese people

◙  Visit-Sikkim

◙  Lepcha people

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◙ Sikkim Culture -Unity festival

◙ Sikkim Culture -Unity1

◙  culture- photo

◙  Biography -Kamala

◙  Sikkim orchid-latest

  Himalayan Orchids

◙  Sikkimese people

◙  The People &  Land -New

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    Sikkim tourism.

◙  Sikkim Culture- photos

 Tourism in Sikkim


  Sikkim tourism.

 Daramdin Sai kendra-

 Kazi Lhendup-First CM-Skm

 Tourism in Sikkim


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 culture- photo

Nepali literary Figure

भारतीय नेपाली साहित्यकारहरू

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 -विजय बान्तवाका


साहित्यकार कमला आँसु

स्मृति ग्रन्थ समीक्षा -नयाँ

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Biography -Kamala


◙ नेपाली-साहित्य पुरस्कार

 नेपाली कविताहरू- -

  नेपाली दँशै पर्वको महत्व

◙ नेपाली-साहित्य पुरस्कार

 नेपाली कविताहरू- -

  नेपाली दँशै पर्वको महत्व


 culture- photo

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 Root Cause of State Demand

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 Rajiv Gandhi on Gorkhas

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 kamala Ashu-works

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◙  Indian Gorkha

◙ Darjeeling issue

 Nepali poemsNew

◙ Tourism Destination

◙ Tourism destination-1

◙  Biography -Kamala

◙  Lepcha people

◙  Sikkim orchid-latest

  Himalayan Orchids

◙  Sikkimese people

◙  The People &  Land -New

◙  Maghey Sankrati -ph



Sikkim is now on Air map,  started The Flight service Between Kokatta, Guwahati & Sikkim


Gangtok: A tiny Himalayan former small kingdom, Sikkim is now on air map of India. Spread across 201 acres, the Pakyong airport has been built approximately 2 kilometres above the Pakyong village in Sikkim. With its inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24th September 2018[, the first commercial flight operations  from the airport started last 4 October 2018, between Pakyong and Kolkata.  Meanwhile, Druk Air plans to launch flights between Pakyong and Paro on 1 January 2019.the state of Sikkim has finally been added on India’s aviation map.

 Gurudongmar, The Beautiful  lake, North Sikkim

North Sikkim is also blessed with snow, glacier and varieties of flora and Fauna. Gurudongmar is the beautiful lake in North Sikkim. It is located at a height of 17,800 ft. which is regarded as the holy place.

The journey from capital Gangtok to the place is 200 kms. and the vehicle for the journey is available at the capital. 

There is a legend about the lake. The  lake used to remain frozen most of the year, therefore it was not possible to use its water for drinking purposes by the local people. The Guru Padmasambhava while  passing by and returning from Tibet, the local people reportedly  approached Guru for providing source of water for drinking. Knowing the crisis, the Guru out rightly turned a portion of frozen water . By the blessing of Guru, a portion of the lake touched by him does not freeze in extreme winter. The water of the lake is considered sacred,  the people carry the ‘blessed’ water in bottles as the gift of the Guru.

 One of the characteristic feature of the lake is that it is not only beautiful, but it remains milky in color most of the months of the year. It takes  7-8 hour from Gangtok to reach the destination. On  the way, the breath taking view of majestic Kanchenjunga, hill tops,  greenery and waterfalls refresh the visiting tourists. It takes to a  Lachen village, which is the base location for this trip. The visitors usually like to stay there for a night in a base camp. The journey starts early in morning next day  and the visitors can reach the destination within 4-5 hour drive to reach the Gurudongmar Lake. The journey through snow clad peaks, mountains, fresh air and close to nature is really full of pleasant feeling and experience. :The people visit the place round the year, but the best time to visit the lake is November to June.

Rope way to start soon at Tsomo lake area



Gangtok, April 12: A new attraction for tourists in the area of famous Tsomo or Changu lake is going to be launch soon. Mono Cable Gandola system Rope way will be opened shortly for tourists.The ropeway will rung from 12, 900 feet in height to 14,000 feet. The construction work is near completion now.The estimated cost of the construction is 14 crore and more and the cable car has the capacity of 12 cabin and it can carry 6 person per cabin and within one hour, it can carry 400 persons for joy ride which will be a thrilling experience for tourists. From the last destination, they will have a glimpse of all the Changu area, Nathula India China border and some part of Kalimpong and Darjeeling.                

The Rear view of Rumtek Monastery and Institute


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Welcome to  Sikkim.............!!!


Sikkim is one of the most peaceful and beautiful state of India. This Himalayan state is bordered by West Bengal, China,  Nepal   and Bhutan in the East. With a total area of 7,096, Sikkim covers  0.22 percent of the  total geographical area of India with  a population of 540493 (2001 census). Climate of Sikkim varies from tropical to alpine. The maximum temperature during summer is 25 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is 13 degree Celsius. During winter, the maximum temperature is 13 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is 04 degree Celsius. Usually, the best season to visit Sikkim is April to June during pre-summer season and October to December for winter season. During summer, light woolens clothes are ideal to use while heavy woolens clothes are best during winter  season.

           How to visit Sikkim ?- 

By flight:

From Delhi or most of the metropolitan cities of India, one can make a trip up to Bagdogra airport of North Bengal, the nearest port. One can even hire Pawan Hans helicopter service from Bagdogra to Gangtok, otherise, any one can hire taxi from Bagdogra to Gangtok which is three and half hour journey. Now 80 seater flight from Bagdogra to Pakyong Airport.

By road:

The capital Gangtok is well connected by roads with Siliguri, Kalimpong and Darjeeling. Private Buses and taxis are available.Sikkim Nationalized Transport(SNT) bus service run by Government of Sikkim too available from Siliguri to Gangtok and back. Bus and other private taxi services  are available from Siliguri SNT bus terminus, Pradhan Nagar.

 Different tourist spots:

There are as many as places of tourist interest in Sikkim.  Local taxis and conveyance are available to visit these places from Gangtok. Permit to visit Nathula is available from Gangtok.

 Travel agents, trek & tour operators

There are more than 120 travel agents and trek & tour operators  registered and recognized by Government of Sikkim. They are very professional and hospitable who organize everything require for the esteemed tourists visiting in the State. They are well trained and equipped. Complaints can be lodged against any person who unnecessarily harass the tourist. "Tourists are our guest" is the slogan of every Sikkimese people according to their tradition and culture.  If you have any query or willing to know detail information

 about Sikkim, you can get our free service by e-mail .

 Put your questions at

or Contact: Sikkim Tourist Information Centre, MG Road, Gangtok

 Ph: 03592-221634/227720

Sikkim Tourist Information Centre, New Delhi: 14 Panchsheel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi PIN 110021Ph:011-26115346; 26115171. Sikkim Tourist Information Centre,Kolkata:  4/1, Middletown Street, Kolkata-16 Ph: 22817905

Sikkim Tourist Information Centre, Siliguri: SNT Colony, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri,West Bengal Ph: 2512646

If you have any complaint, you can always make such complaint at any tourist information centre or nearest police station. However, the policy of Sikkim Government is to give best treatment to all the visiting tourists as guests. However, sometime, over charging of fare by taxi drivers or travel agents have come to the notice which has been amicably settled too.TAAS, an association of travel agents too settled such issue in the past.


Please do not throw garbage at random.Eco-tourism as a sustainable development is the main objective of tourism in Sikkim. Tourists are requested not to dispose off garbage at lakes and holy places. They must be collected and be disposed off in the garbage bag or containers only.

          How to visit Sikkim ?  Visit Sikkim

The view of Lachung, North Sikkim

during snowfall time in winter

The view of Tsomo or Changu lake, East Sikkim  during snowfall time in winter


Photo: Chardham or Siddheswari temple at Namchi

The brief statistic with regard to Sikkim’s biodiversity is as follow

State Animal - Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens),,State Bird - Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus),Number of species Types-Mammals - 150, Birds - 552, Butterflies - 690

Fish - 48, State Flower - Nobile Orchid (Dendrobium nobile)

State Tree - Rhododendron (Rhododendron niveum)

Flowering plants - 4500, Rhododendrons - 37,Medicinal plants - 424

Ferns & Fern allies - 362, Tree ferns - 8, Primulas - 60, Oaks - 11, Orchids - 515

Conifers - 16, Bamboos - 23, Glaciers - 21, Mountains & Peaks - 28, Rivers & Streams - 104

Lakes & Wetlands - 227, Forestry cover (2 percent rise) - 43.95 % - 2001, * 47.80 % in 2015

Recorded Forest area - 5841.40 sq. km. (82.32% of total area of Sikkim), Smriti Bans - 166

Herbal Gardens - 13

*These are the minimum number recorded till recently. Now with more advanced research, new species discovered will add to this list

Important mountain peaks of Sikkim Name District

1. Mt. Kanchenjunga West, 2. Mt. Kabru West, 3. Mt. Talung North,4. Mt. Sinolchu West

5. Mt. Simvo West, 6. Mt. Pandim West, 7. Mt. Rathong West, 8. Mt. Paunhri East

9. Mt. Kokthang West, 10. Mt. Lamaongden North,

11. Mt. Masunyange East

Important lakes of Sikkim

12. Khe-cheod-palri West, 13. Gurudongmar North,14. Lam Pokhari West , 15. Changu (Tsomgo) East, 16. Laxmi Pokhari West, 17. Cholamu North, 18. Bidang cho East

19. Menmecho East,20. Majur Pokhari West, 21. Sima Choka North,22. Dudh Pokhari West

23. Samiti lake West, 24. Ram-Laxman (Twin Lake) West, Hot Springs,25. Phurcha-chu, Sanganath South/West Sikkim, 26. Ranglop Cha-chu at Borong, South Sikkim

27. Gangyap Chhutshen, West Sikkim, 28. Takrumtshen, North Sikkim

29. Yumesamdongtchachhu, North Sikkim,30. Yumthang-tshachhu, North Sikkim

31. Zee Tshachu, North Sikkim,32. Shagyong Phedok Tshachhu, North Sikkim

33. Tholung Kangtshachuu, North Sikkim

Important Glaciers

34. Zemu Glacier North,35. Rathong Glacier West,36. Lonak Glacier North, ,37. Hidden Glacier North,38. Talung Glacier North,39. North Lonak Glacier North,40. South Lonak Glacier North,41. Tista Khangse Glacier North

Important Passes,

42. Nathu-la East,43. Jelep-la East,44. Batang-la East,45. Cho-la East,46. Chiwabhanjang West,47. Chorten Nyima-la West,48. Kongra-la West,49. Lungma-la West,50. Donkia-la West **English spelling of local names may not reflect actual Sikkimese pronunciation since these are from old official document

Seat Reservation to Limbu and Tamang  In Sikkim Legislative Assembly Under Art.371F(f)

-by Bijay Bantawa

 The  seat reservation issue in Sikkim legislative assembly is being debated in public domain and in assembly since Limbu and Tamang were given the tribal status in 2003 . If we look back to the history of Sikkim, all the seats arrangement of the state made so far reflect the spirit of the 8th May Agreement of 1973 and thereafter the resolution passed in the Indian parliament under which 371F is enshrined in the constitution with the merging of Sikkim in India in 1975. The safeguard of the interest of the Sikkimese people therefore, protected under the constitution (Thirty Sixth Amendment) Act, 1975 and Article 371F. .  For More

River Rafting at Teesta River

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